Wrongful death claims arise when someone dies due to another person’s wrongful conduct. Wrongful conduct generally means negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct that results in death. Wrongful death is a civil claim so it has nothing to do with proving murder, manslaughter, or any other criminal charges.

If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s wrongful conduct, contact our Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorneys with The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to schedule a consultation. We will review the facts of your case and the damages you and other family members have sustained as a result of losing your loved one.

Common Wrongful Death Scenarios

Unfortunately, we are experienced wrongful death attorneys and we represent a substantial number of wrongful death claimants. See below for some common wrongful death scenarios.

  • Falls are one of the most common causes of injury related deaths and they frequently occur due to dangerous conditions that should have been maintained or remedied by the property owner or manager.
  • Car and Motorcycle Accidents caused by someone’s negligent or reckless conduct.
  • Defective products can cause serious injuries and death.
  • Drowning in a pool due to dangerous conditions such as a broken drain cover or an unsecured pool that fails to keep out child trespassers.
  • Unintentional poisoning such as carbon monoxide poisoning or dangerous household chemicals and products.
  • Fires that result in fatalities due to negligence such as noncompliance with fire code or defective smoke detectors.
  • Assault and abuse such as child abuse or gunshot wounds that result in death.

Purpose Of Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims are meant to help the plaintiffs (typically close family members of the deceased) recover for the losses they sustained due to losing their loved one.

Recovery may include medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, loss of guidance and companionship, loss of services provided by the deceased, and loss of financial contributions that would have been made by the deceased.

Survival Action

When applicable, survival actions may also be available in cases of death caused by wrongful conduct. Survival actions are meant to compensate the deceased’s estate for the injuries and damages he or she suffered between the time of the injury and death.

These injuries and damages may include hospital and medical bills, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment. Survival actions generally contemplate a case where a decedent survived for an amount of time between his or her injuries and the resulting death.

If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s fault, our Cherry Hill Wrongful Death Attorneys want to first, extend our condolences to you and your family for your loss.

And second, we want to help you and your family get back on track by recovering compensation for all of your resulting injuries and damages. We know that financial compensation will not make up for losing your loved one, but in the case of wrongful death, it is compensation that you deserve and that your loved one would have wanted you to have.