As a parent, there may be nothing more painful than seeing your child injured, especially when that injury is caused by someone else’s negligent or intentional conduct.

Children are extremely vulnerable and it is not just parents that are responsible for protecting our children; other people have a duty to our children too.

If your child has sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s wrongful conduct, contact one of our Cherry Hill Children Injuries Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. to discuss the facts and circumstances of your child’s injuries.

Injuries and Responsible Parties

Common children injury scenarios and people often found at fault are described below.

  • Daycare injuries – The childcare provider and/or the daycare company.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident – The person whose negligent or reckless conduct caused the accident.
  • Swimming pool accident – The owner of the pool and/or persons responsible for the child’s safety including swimming lesson instructors, lifeguards, or swimming pool manager.
  • Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident – The person whose negligent or reckless conduct caused the accident, such as the motor vehicle driver or the person who was responsible for supervising the child.
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls caused by a dangerous condition – These are generally Premises Liability cases and the owner or person responsible for maintaining the property is typically liable.
  • Dangerous products – The manufacturer, distributor, or seller of dangerous products may be liable.
  • Gunshot wounds – Unfortunately, children are injured or killed in cases of accidental firearm discharge when the firearm malfunctions, is not handled with care, or is not safely locked away from children. Liable parties may include the gun owner, handler, or child supervisor.
  • School – When a child is injured at school, a teacher, coach, or the school district may be liable.
  • Playground accidents – Playground accidents happen and sometimes children’s injuries are no one’s fault, but sometimes those injuries are caused by someone’s fault such as when a dangerous condition is present and not remediated. Poor maintenance is a problem when playground equipment is broken or defective and not repaired.
  • Medical malpractice – When a child is injured as a result of Medical Malpractice, the negligent medical provider, hospital, or clinic may be responsible.
  • Poisoning – Detergent pods and other household cleaners and chemicals are frequently related to child poisoning cases.
  • Wrongful Death – Anyone whose negligent or bad acts caused the death of a child may be liable.

Children Injury Impacts

Cherry Hill Children Injury Attorney When a child suffers a serious and debilitating injury, ongoing and future medical care may be required and that typically makes for extraordinary medical bills.

In addition, accommodations may need to be made at home and with the child’s education to compensate for the child’s injuries and disabilities.

Caretakers may lose income due to increased childcare demands and needs after the injuries. Therapy for children and their families may be needed in order to cope with the accident itself and the aftereffects.

If your child has sustained injuries or loss of life due to someone else’s fault, Contact our Cherry Hill Children Injuries Attorneys so that we can help you and your family get the recovery you need and deserve.

We understand and agree that there is nothing more important to parents than the safety and well being of their children and we want to help you get necessary protections, accommodations, rehabilitation, and redress for your child’s injuries.