Uber caused a stir of excitement among commuters when they first broke onto the scene. People who had once been forced to either drive themselves where they needed to go or depend on public transportation now had another option aside from wallet-eating taxicabs: the rideshare.

Ridesharing is a wallet-friendly and convenient way to get around, whether you use it for your daily commute or just occasionally depend on an Uber to get home after a night out on the town.

However, using an Uber to get to and from home does not come without a set of hazards, and although Uber screens their contractors’ driving records, all it takes for a driver with a clean record to become liable for someone else’s injuries is one single second of negligent behavior—and there is a first time for everything.

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Few Reports Are Available on Uber-Specific Accidents

The Department of Transportation or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration typically publish reports each year with vehicle-specific data pertaining to road crash injuries and deaths.

However, no government entities have yet taken it upon themselves to report incidents that are specific to rideshare vehicles such as Ubers or Lyfts.

The Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) took it upon themselves to tally up and report out on their own findings via their Who’s Driving You? website. The site contains a comprehensive list of rideshare-related incidents, and a startling number of these were not related to traffic collisions at all.

Uber Customers Take Many Risks

Camden Uber Accident Attorney (1)A number of the deaths and injuries listed by the TLPA on their site were caused by road crashes, but there were other types of incidents listed, as well.

A large number of Deaths and injuries attributed to rideshares were due to alleged criminal behavior, including murder, battery, physical assault and sexual assault.

Several hundred sexual assaults have been alleged against Lyft or other rideshare drivers, and more than 100 incidents of physical assault have been similarly alleged by rideshare customers.

More than 50 people have lost their lives in rideshare-related incidents, including criminal violence as well as Traffic Accidents, making using Lyft risky in more ways than one.

We Can Assist You in Court if You Were Hurt While Using Uber

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