Spinal cord injuries can be life-altering events that result in permanent loss of mobility and other bodily functions. People who once enjoyed physical activity in work and at play could find themselves quadriplegic, confined to a power chair that is controlled by their breathing or eye movements forever after the injury.

These types of injuries can be catastrophic, and they can forever alter the quality of life experience by the person who suffered the injury and their family members who must now care for them.

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What To Look For

According to Mayo Clinic, some signs of spinal cord injury to look out for if you have witnessed a fall or other accident and suspect spinal column involvement are:

  • Loss of ability to control limbs below the injury site
  • Neck or back twisted or at an angle that is unusual
  • Loss of ability to control bodily waste elimination functions
  • Loss of ability to breath on one’s own

Get Help If You Witness A Spinal Cord Injury

If you witness an injury and you think the person may have experienced a spinal cord injury, call for medical help right away. Avoid moving the injured person except to gently stabilize their neck with rolled-up towels or other clothing or to perform CPR if you are certified to do so and the injured person has ceased to breathe.

Spinal Cord Injury Facts and Figures

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, an estimated 17,000 people experience a spinal cord injury each year in the United States, and as many as 347,000 people are estimated to be living with the effects of a previously sustained spinal cord injury in America today.

The majority of spinal cord injuries occur due to Vehicle Collisions, and Fall Accidents are the second-leading cause of spinal column injury. The average time an injured person spends in a rehabilitation center post-injury is just over a month.

We Can Help If You or a Loved One Have Been Injured

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When spinal cord injuries happen, families often lose a breadwinner to permanent disability, and the medical expenses can soar through the roof at the same time due to injury treatments. This kind of injustice does not have to go unanswered.

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