When we hire professionals—be they therapists, doctors, or even lawyers—we expect that they are competent in their work and will provide us with appropriate services. However, not all professionals adhere to industry standards or ethical codes, and they give the rest of us a bad name.

Not only that, but many forms of professional malpractice can result in Personal Injury or even wrongful death. We believe that the victims of professional malpractice deserve to see justice done, and we are dedicated to making sure that professionals who engage in malpractice are held accountable for their wrongdoings.

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Types of Professional Malpractice

Many professions can include practitioners who engage in malpractice, whether repeatedly or as a devastating standalone incident. Malpractice is defined as any illegal, unethical or negligent activity engaged in by a professional. Some forms of malpractice include the following:

  • Attorney malpractice
  • Medical malpractice
  • Therapist malpractice
  • Dentist malpractice
  • Architect malpractice
  • Educator malpractice
  • Chiropractic malpractice
  • Hospital malpractice
  • Veterinary malpractice
  • CPA malpractice

If you were the victim of one of these or any other form of malpractice, call us today to discuss taking legal action.

Professional Malpractice Examples

Some forms of malpractice are heard about in news media more often than others, but myriad examples from all types of professions exist. Here are some examples of professional malpractice in action:

Medical Malpractice

Professional Malpractice Lawyer Camden

If a surgeon is in a hurry while performing a procedure and, in the interests of saving time, does not change gloves after touching a non-sterile object and continues to perform surgery on their patient, they could be engaging in malpractice.

If the patient develops an infection due to the surgeon’s sanitary faux pas, the patient could sue the surgeon and hold them liable in civil court and the surgeon could face losing their license as well as needing to pay out financial compensation to the patient for their pain and suffering.

Therapist Malpractice

If a therapist disregards client-therapist confidentiality and discusses a client’s case at a cocktail party, resulting in flying rumors that get back to the client, the therapist could be sued for malpractice and be compelled by the civil courts to pay the client a cash award for the emotional distress caused by the breach of confidentiality. They could also face losing their license and practice after such an incident.

We Can Handle Your Professional Malpractice Case

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