When we, as consumers, purchase products, we expect that they will function or perform as advertised by the manufacturer or retailer. However, all too often people find themselves disappointed by a malfunctioning product—or worse, injured by a defective product.

These types of cases can lead to major Personal Injuries or even fatal injuries, and even if they do not cause physical harm, if a product fails to function as it is supposed to, this can cause emotional distress for the consumer.

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Some Manufacturers or Retailers are Willfully Negligent

Camden Product Liability AttorneyAlthough some manufacturers will cease production of a product that has been discovered to be defective, others will try to maximize profits—often at the expense of consumer safety—by continuing to produce the defective item and sell it to the general public.

In other cases, retailers may find themselves being informed by concerned customers that a product is broken or otherwise defective, but fail to remove the product from store shelves in the hopes of raking in a few extra dollars.

In both scenarios, there is willful negligence at play, and those negligent parties can be held legally accountable (or liable) for the pain and distress their negligent behavior resulted in.

Examples of Product Liability Claims

Product liability issues arise all too often. Here are a few examples of product liability claims:

  • Toxic ingredients in processed foods
  • Hazardous materials in children’s products (lead in lotions, asbestos in crayons, etc.)
  • Small appliance with a wiring defect leads to kitchen fire
  • Pressure cooker miscalibrated in factory, results in explosion

How an Attorney Can Make a Difference

The manufacturer or retailer may attempt to offer replacements or refunds, but in some cases, this is not enough. Willfully negligent manufacturers and retailers need to be held accountable for their negligence in court so they can learn not to do it again and so that victims of their negligence can get the justice they deserve.

We can help you forge a path toward justice in your product liability case by making sure the responsible parties answer for their negligence in court.

We Can Help with Your Product Liability Claim

If you need a Product Liability Lawyer in Camden, The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help. We are product liability law specialists with a passion for seeing justice done through the civil courts, and we want to help you seek the recovery of damages in your case.

Damages are assessed based on several factors, including the pain and suffering caused by any injuries sustained due to a product liability issue as well as defective or dangerous product’s cost and any emotional distress that may have arisen because of the product in question.

These damages may then be paid out to you by the manufacturer or other liable party as a cash award. We will push hard in court to get you every dollar you are entitled to under the law. Call Today for a Free Case Evaluation.