How Immigration Lawyers Can Ease the Path to Citizenship

Immigration laws differ from country to country, and navigating American immigration regulations can require the assistance of an attorney who understands how to help people entering the United States from other nations. The immigration lawyer Bucks County trusts is aware of the latest developments in immigration policy and can strategize the best way for an individual to seek a visa or green card.

Immigration Lawyer Bucks County An immigration lawyer can also assist foreign citizens who seek U.S. citizenship and naturalization, are looking for ways engage in employment within the United States, or face deportation or immigration-related criminal proceedings. They can also help expedite an extremely lengthy visa process, made longer by unnecessary rejections and stumbling blocks along the way.If you are confused about the visa application process or have previously faced a rejection by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an immigration attorney in Bucks County can stand by your side. Applying their extensive knowledge of immigration law and previous experience managing cases like yours, your lawyer has the tools that can improve your chances of securing a favorable immigration outcome, even in the most complex circumstances.

Situations in Which an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

A foreign citizen or immigrant can seek guidance from an immigration attorney for multiple issues related to immigration law, even going beyond the standard visa or green card applications. Without engaging seasoned counsel in certain situations, it can seem impossible to achieve a dream of living or working in the United States. Here are some examples of situations in which an immigration attorney can be exceptionally helpful:

  • For situations in which USCIS has already rejected an individual’s initial application for a visa or a green card, an immigration lawyer could evaluate the denied application and determine whether there are mistakes that can be subsequently corrected. Alternatively, a skilled immigration attorney can assess the likelihood of an individual’s receiving approval based on family relationships, their purpose for seeking entry into the United States, and whether they have any unique advanced degrees or high-demand skill sets.
  • For situations in which a visa applicant has a criminal record, the USCIS is often reluctant to grant a visa. An immigration lawyer can help to best position a prospective immigrant who has a criminal past and identify strategies for continuing to pursue a visa or green card.
  • An attorney experienced in deportation and exclusion proceedings can represent applicants before a judge and ensure their rights are protected in immigration court.
  • Immigration attorneys can help clients who have particular medical conditions improve their chances of receiving a visa.
  • If an employer fails to properly file for an employment-based visa, an immigration lawyer can guide the employee on their options for entry.
  • For situations involving spousal visas, a Bucks County immigration lawyercan help the foreign applicant prove that the marriage is legitimate, as well as planning for residency contingencies in the event of a divorce or separation.

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