The state of Pennsylvania and the courts in Bensalem take drunk driving seriously. Few offenses show such blatant disregard for human life as DUI; drivers who drive drunk or high on drugs put not only their own lives but the lives of innocent people, families and children, at high risk on the roadway. If you or someone you loved has been involved in an accident due to a DUI driver, our Bensalem DUI Accident Attorney can help you hold the DUI driver and his insurer accountable for your injuries.

Pennsylvania DUI Statistics

Shockingly, there were 11,041 alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents last year alone in our state. In addition, nearly 370 people were killed in crashes where alcohol was a contributing factor. This accounts for around one-third of all traffic Deaths in the state.

Seeking Justice

Bensalem Dui Accident AttorneyDUI-related accidents can be among the most harrowing on Pennsylvania’s roadways. And although thousands of drivers are cited each year for impaired driving, many of them go on to re-offend, racking up two, three, or even more convictions over time.

In spite of all the efforts made by government officials and local and state police departments to put a stop to the madness of impaired driving, it is still a leading cause of injury on our state’s roadways and across the country.

In fact, a drunk driver injures someone in our country at a rate of one injury every two minutes.

While the courts look to punish DUI drivers with a range of penalties that increase per DUI offense, Criminal Charges do not compensate the victim of a DUI accident for the financial loss incurred by the accident.

However, an Experienced Bensalem DUI Accident Attorney can help you pursue fair and just financial recovery to recoup expenses for medical costs, property damages, lost income and more.

Identifying Litigants in DUI Accident Claims

The most obvious defendant in a DUI accident claim is the DUI driver and his insurance company. However, other parties may be held liable if certain circumstances exist.

For instance, if a business such as a bar or a hotel fails to exercise appropriate and reasonable care in serving an obviously impaired patron more alcohol, then the server and/or the establishment serving the person can be responsible for any damages that result. This is made possible by the Dram Shop Law.

Keep in mind that the criminal proceedings for a DUI accident are separate from any civil actions filed by victims. Criminal courts look to deter the driver and other drivers from driving under the influence again, serving as a way to protect the public from harm.

By contrast, the civil suit is aimed at hitting the DUI driver at a more personal level, regardless of the outcome of the criminal case.

Standing Up For Your Rights

While the monetary compensation you receive in a DUI accident claim cannot erase the emotional trauma of being involved in a senseless and totally preventable accident, it can help bring closure to the event and help you move on with your life. Consult with our Bensalem DUI Accident Attorney as soon as possible following your accident to determine the best way forward with your claim.