Data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that almost a quarter-million Pennsylvanians are employed in the construction sector. Men and women who work in construction are in constant peril during on the job site.

The very nature of construction work merits the profession’s inclusion on a variety of lists as one of the deadliest and least-safe jobs in the world.

Accidents on construction sites can crop up in a heartbeat, leaving the injured party struggling with physical problems that may last for weeks, months, or even for life. If you were injured in a construction accident, preserve your rights to file for damages by contacting our Construction Accident Attorney now.

You likely have many questions following your construction accident. Who is liable for your injuries? Do you need to file a worker’s comp claim? Can you file a personal injury suit? What options do you have available to you? Our experienced and knowledge Construction Accident Attorneys have been fighting for the rights of accident victims for years and have a history of injury litigation, securing damages and awards for our clients to help make them whole again. We can answer all the questions you may have regarding how to proceed with your claim.

Construction Dangers

Bensalem Construction Accident Attorney Walking through a construction site at times can feel like running the guillotine. Supports, planking, scaffolding and wiring must be precisely installed, secured and used in order to prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

There were 175 reported construction-related deaths in Pennsylvania in 2014 alone, and thousands of workers were injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Common construction site accident scenarios include:

  • Falls, including same-level falls and falls from multiple stories
  • Trauma from being struck by falling materials, tools and other objects
  • Malfunctions in machinery or power tools causing resulting in cuts, lacerations and amputations
  • Employees crushed between two surfaces or run over by a vehicle or forklift
  • Explosions and fires due to hazardous chemicals
  • Trench and building collapses
  • Heat stroke and exhaustion
  • Overexertion
  • Exposure to chemicals and UV light causing eye and ocular injury or respiratory damage

The illnesses and injuries associated with construction sites are varied and many. Broken bones, lacerations, bruising and frost bite are not unusual. Respiratory diseases such as silicosis, asbestosis, and black lung are also frequently seen in construction workers. Puncture wounds, injuries to the bones, discs and ligaments, and burns and scarring are also common. Traumatic Brain Injuries, Back and Neck Injuries, and Spinal Cord Trauma round out the list of common ailments suffered by construction sector employees.

Workers Comp and Personal Injury Claims

Most construction workers are covered under Worker’s Compensation and are entitled to lost wages and medical care as well as specific loss benefits (often for loss of hearing, disfigurement, or amputation).

If you are not covered by Worker’s Compensation, you may be able to hold your employer or other parties liable for your injuries. Work with our Bensalem Construction Accident Attorney to identify potential litigants in your case and move forward with your claim. Schedule your No-Cost Case Consultation today.