Whether you hop on a city bus, school bus, tour bus or airport shuttle bus, you have a reasonable assumption that you’ll make it to your destination unscathed. Sadly, this is not always the case. Bus accidents happen, and although they are not as prevalent as Auto Accidents, bus accidents generally bring great destruction with them with many victims, some of them significantly injured. If you have been involved in a bus accident, our Bus Accident Attorney can help guide you through the claims process so that you can get the compensation to which you are entitled.

Buses are much larger in size than standard passenger autos, and they carry sometimes dozens of passengers, making the safety threat that they pose much greater. It can be a challenge to share the road with uses. They are big, heavy, and from the operator’s point of view, a challenge to maneuver in traffic. Bus operators are steering tons of heavyweight steel down the roadway while dealing with the inevitable blind spots created by the bus’ boxy design. This makes it hard to judge whether other vehicles on the road are seeing them properly on the roadway when they signal, make turns and approach intersections. All of these potential issues can spell trouble when the right conditions exist.

Buses Are Inherently Dangerous

Bus Accident Lawyer Bensalem While newer generation buses may be equipped with safety belts, not all buses have them. Because of this, bodies are flung about in the bus’ cabin during a crash. And since there are dozens of windows on a standard bus, it is not unusual for occupants of a bus to be thrown from the bus via the window, leading to deep lacerations, amputation and other type of cutting injuries. Regardless of whether the victim is inside the bus, driving or riding in a vehicle involved in the crash, or is a Pedestrian who is in the wrong place at the worst possible time, the injuries from a bus accident can be quite devastating. Crushing injuries, whiplash, open fractures, broken bones, burns and Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma are all too common in the aftermath of a bus crash. It is not unusual to see victims injured to the extent that they have lifelong impairments and disabilities as a result.

Fighting the Big Insurance Companies

One thing is for sure. Insurance companies are notoriously slow to pay claims for bus accident victims. They hire the best lawyers to argue their cases, always trying to pass the buck on liability and minimize their losses. For this reason, you must have an aggressive bus accident attorney in your corner when you go up against them. An attorney who has successfully negotiated or litigated many bus accident claims is your biggest asset when you seek justice for your injuries. Depending on your injuries, you may be able to collect:

  • Medical costs
  • Future costs of medical care and therapy
  • Rehab costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost income
  • Awards for pain and suffering
  • Property damages

When someone’s negligence—whether the bus driver, bus owner, maintenance company serving the bus—causes a bus accident that leaves you injured, give The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin and our Bensalem us accident attorney a call. We can help you identify potential litigants and get the ball rolling on your claim. Schedule Your Free Case Review now.