The recent temporary shutdown of the New Jersey Transit – Atlantic City line from Philadelphia caused significant inconveniences for the many people who commute to Atlantic City for work at the casinos and other business operations. The shutdown was necessary in order to equip the trains with a required safety system before the federal installation deadline. While implementing the safety system is a good thing, why has it taken so long to for the New Jersey Transit to get the safety system that is already in other rail systems across the country and works to help operators avoid train accidents?

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New Jersey Train Struggles

It is widely reported that New Jersey Transit is struggling with its finances and operations, and those struggles cause concerns with our Train Accidents Attorneys regarding the overall safety of our trains. What other safety measures and precautions are not being met?What other safety implementation deadlines are NJ Transit and other New Jersey trains in danger of missing?

Types of Train Accidents and Common Causes

Railroads have a responsibility to keep trains well maintained and to keep people safe from harm by preventing train accidents.Common causes of train collisions include the following:

  • Broken tracks due to wear, tear, and poor maintenance
  • Human error due to distracted operators, speed, and inexperience. The 2016 deadly Hoboken train accident was caused by an operator’s undiagnosed sleep apnea.
  • Poorly maintained train
  • Lack of security features that would prevent accidents
  • Poor employee training and other regulation compliance
  • Obstruction on the tracks such as a person or vehicle
  • Person on the tracks struck by a train

Non-Collision Train Injuries

As we have established, railroads have a duty to keep people safe from train accidents and they also have a responsibility to keep people safe from other types of train injuries.

  • They have to exercise a high degree of care in making sure that passengers on the train are safe from other passengers and third parties, they are to exercise a high degree of care in protecting passenger from Personal Injuries caused by sudden stops or jerks in the train operation, and they have a duty to protect passengers from injuries that may be caused by overcrowded trains.
  • Off of the train, they have a duty to provide safe and well-maintained station buildings including platforms and approaches.
  • Depending on the circumstances, they may also be liable when a train hits someone on the tracks.

If you or a loved one has sustained train injuries, contact our Atlantic City Train Accidents Attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. Our train accident team members are experts in federal and state train laws, rules, and regulations. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the cause or causes of the accident, determine if there were any regulation violations or noncompliance, we will participate in settlement discussions with insurance companies, and in the event that insurance companies are not being reasonable in their settlement offers, we will take your case to trial in order to see that you get the relief to which you are entitled.