Atlantic City may be widely known for its casinos and beaches, but for motorcycle enthusiasts, Atlantic City and other areas in South Jersey are all about the scenic motorcycle rides. Motorcyclists also know that Jersey has a high concentration of traffic and that accidents are not uncommon. In 2016 there were 80 motorcycle fatalities across New Jersey and many more accident injuries. As our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys know, riding is a dangerous activity and even when you exercise extreme caution, you cannot necessarily anticipate other people’s negligent conduct in order to avoid an accident.

Common Causes and Contributing Factors in Two Vehicle Accidents

  • Unaware drivers who are just not on the lookout for motorcycles. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles on the road and when drivers are not looking out for them, accidents happen. Motorcycles have just as much importance and right to be on the road as any other motor vehicles, but inexplicably, some drivers do not realize that they have a duty of care to motorcyclists. Large trucks and buses are especially hazardous for motorcyclists because they have large blind spots to the sides and the rear making it hard for drivers to be aware of nearby motorcycles.
  • Speed, drugs, alcohol, and distracted driving accidents are especially frustrating because those conditions are completely preventable. Speeding allows very little room for error, while drugs, alcohol, and distracted driving can lead to major driving errors such as crossing the center line, turning in front of a motorcycle, changing lanes without properly checking blind spots, and coming up too quickly behind a motorcycle.

Single Vehicle Crashes

  • Unsafe road conditions such as potholes, cracks in asphalt, or other hazardous conditions caused by poor road maintenance can lead to serious accidents for unsuspecting motorcyclists.
  • Loose gravel, animals, or other obstructions in the road that appear unexpectedly are especially dangerous for motorcyclists who are balancing on two wheels and do not have the same protections as people who travel inside of a car.
  • Poor signage or lack of signage that fails to alert motorcyclists to dangerous conditions ahead are also common causes.

Motorcycle Injuries and Accident Investigation

Atlantic City Motorcycle Accident AttorneyMotorcycle accident injuries are often very serious, even fatal. Injuries may require long-term medical treatments, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Motorcycle accident injuries and damages can be very expensive which is why conducting a proper investigation is imperative in order to gather necessary facts and evidence to support your case.

An experience motorcycle attorney will review police reports, interview witnesses, discover and obtain any available accident footage caught on local business or home surveillance cameras, and hire necessary expert witnesses.

Your injuries and damages sustained in a motorcycle accident may result in life altering circumstances for both you and your family. You deserve to be fully compensated for your injuries and damages caused by someone else and our Atlantic City Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. want to help you secure that financial compensation. Our motorcycle attorneys have the expertise and skills necessary to help value your claim, negotiate settlements, and try your case.