In Atlantic City they refer to it as beach season when the warm weather returns and so do all of the people that have stayed inside for the colder months.

Our Atlantic City Bike Accident Lawyers, however, refer to it as bicycle accident season because we see a significant uptick in clients who have sustained injuries in bicycle accidents. Bicycle accidents are not uncommon in Atlantic City and Personal Injuries sustained in those accidents can be serious and life changing for the injured bicyclist and for his or her family as well.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

See below for some common bicycle accident scenarios and remember to use heightened caution in the future when you are facing any of these situations:

  • A driver fails to yield to a bicycle when he or she is legally required to do so, often because he or she does not see the bicycle.
  • When a driver turns right across the path of a bicycle that is traveling in the same direction as the driver in the bicycle lane.
  • When a driver is turning left and fails to notice a bicyclist traveling in the oncoming traffic lane and turns left in front of the bicyclist’s path.
  • When a driver follows a bicycle too closely and rear-ends the bicycle. This often happens due to the driver’s impatience and annoyance with a bicycle that he or she perceives to be in the way of traffic.
  • When a driver changes lanes without first checking his or her blind spots.
  • When a driver drives too close to a bicycle that it is passing.
  • A passenger in a parked car opens his or her door into a bicyclist’s path.

Contributing Bicycle Accident Factors

Bicycle accidents frequently involve several common factors including a speeding Motor Vehicle, alcohol or drug impairment, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and failing to keep a proper lookout. These factors are important in your case because the presence of any these in your accident will help to prove the driver’s negligence.

What To Do If You Have Been in an Accident

  • Call the police and be sure to provide your account of the accident.
  • Go to the doctor and follow through with all recommended treatments and appointments.
  • If possible, take photos of the accident scene.
  • Get contact information for witnesses.
  • Make note of things said after the accident by the driver and other witnesses.
  • Preserve any evidence, especially your damaged bicycle.

How Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys Will Protect You

Our Atlantic City Bicycle Accident Attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. will interview witnesses, speak with police and review accident reports, help you through your medical treatment and billing issues, do the legwork required to help value your claim, and we will negotiate with insurance companies.

Insurance companies often attempt to undervalue a claim and try to sell you on low-ball offers that are a fraction of what your claim is actually worth. Insurance companies are generally more reasonable with a plaintiff who is represented by an attorney and if an insurance company is not being reasonable in your case, we will take your case to trial and prove your injuries and damages to a jury.