Key Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney

For many, a DUI is the most legal trouble they will ever experience. It’s stressful and embarrassing, and the potential consequences are significant. You may be overwhelmed by questions and indecision. “What do I do?” “Is this a crime?” “Do I need an attorney?” “How does one even go about finding a DUI attorney?”

Clam down. Yes, a DUI is treated as a criminal offense and you should retain counsel, but this is a process and you have some time to do things right.

First things first, you need to be realistic and determine your budget. Some DUI Attorneys charge more than six thousand dollars for representation and thousands more if you decide to go to trial! Frankly, that is a fantastic sum of money, and you can find great representation for less.

Next, You Should Prepare Some General Questions for Attorneys You Will Be Interviewing, Such as:

Q: What Should I Expect Throughout this Process?

A: Their answer should explain the discovery process, and inform you that multiple court dates will likely be necessary.

Q: How Are You Going to Help Me?

A: They should explain the discovery process, which involves securing and reviewing the evidence. Additionally, attempting a pre-trial resolution with the prosecutor is a must.

Q: What Do You Think is Going to Happen?

A: This is a bit of a trick question, but it’s an important one to ask. An attorney cannot guarantee you a particular result. The only thing an attorney can guarantee you is the best representation of which they are capable of.

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