Largest Truck Accident Settlement in PA History

The vast extent of harm that drivers and passengers in other vehicles can suffer in Truck Accidents is due largely to the difference in mass between cars and semis. When the impact leads to catastrophic injuries or a wrongful death, the amount of damages can escalate quickly, based on medical bills or a lifetime of lost income.

The Pennsylvania Record recently reported on a fatal truck accident case that settled for over $26.1 million, a figure that would make it among the largest personal injury litigation settlements in state history.

The case involved a semi owned by Great Lakes Cheese that rear-ended a Toyota Matrix, instantly killing the driver’s father. The woman who was driving the Matrix suffered multiple fractures, lacerations, and other physical injuries, and her husband also suffered multiple Injuries, and lapsed into a coma.

Due to road construction, the Matrix was stuck in traffic, and the driver of the semi was accused of traveling at an unsafe speed before losing control of his vehicle.

The lawsuit also noted that the truck driver was unaware of the terrible damage he had caused before exiting his vehicle, a possible indication that he was asleep or not alert when he struck the much smaller car.

Representing Survivors in Wrongful Death Actions

When a loved one is killed due to another party’s negligence or recklessness, surviving family members need and deserve compensation. Medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income, and future education costs are a few of the many losses that families needlessly suffer due to a wrongful death.

A Philadelphia wrongful death attorney can assess all aspects of a negligence claim, and help clients to understand their legal options.