If you are a Maryland driver who has just received a Pennsylvania Ticket, you must be aware that Pennsylvania has the authority to notify Maryland about the traffic violation. Both Maryland and Pennsylvania uphold the Driver License Compact (DLC).

This contract allows for an out of state driver’s record to be easily accessible to the home state of the driver as well as to the state in which the violation occurred.

Maryland does not consider minor Traffic Violations that are received out of state to be worth recording on your Maryland driving record. For instance, if you are a Maryland driver who has just received a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Philadelphia, you, as the Maryland driver, will not have points added on your record.

Although Maryland may not add points on your driving record for a traffic violation, receiving any traffic offense, in or out of the state of Maryland, will be recorded on your driving record. This information will be easily accessible to law enforcement the next time you commit another traffic violation in Maryland, or in any other state.

Maryland adds points on your driving record for severe traffic violations. These types of severe traffic violations include manslaughter from operating a motor vehicle, receiving a DUI, or felonies that occur in which a motor vehicle was used.

Your insurance company also has access to your driving record. Although points may not be added on your record from a traffic violation, they can raise your rates of insurance based of the type traffic violation that is recorded on your driving record.