Georgia Drivers & Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets: Key Considerations

Georgia is one of the very few states that is not a part of the Driver License Compact (DLC). The Driver License Compact allows for information to be exchanged between your home state and the state in which the traffic violation occurred.

Although Georgia does not take part in this contract, this does not mean that your home state is not notified about your out of state traffic violation. Pennsylvania has subscribed to the DLC, therefore they have the right to inform your home state of the Traffic Violation.

Georgia will not add points or document an Out Of State Traffic Violation on your Georgia driving record. That said, it does not mean that as a Georgia driver you are exempt from paying the fine for the out of state traffic violation.

If you, as a Georgia driver, decide to delay or completely disregard payment for an out of state traffic violation, then the state in which you received the traffic offense has the right to notify your home state, and possibly request a suspension on your driver’s license.

You should also note that as a Georgia driver, your insurance company deals with traffic violations under their own authority. This means your insurance carrier has the ability to raise your insurance rates based on what they feel fits the traffic violation.