Florida Drivers with PA Tickets

Receiving a Traffic Violation in Pennsylvania as a Florida Driver causes Pennsylvania to notify your home state of Florida about the offense. Florida and Pennsylvania both uphold the Driver License Compact (DLC).

Under this contract, an out of state driver’s record and information can be easily accessible to the home state of the driver as well as the state in which the violation was committed.

Florida automatically records any traffic violation that is received out of state on your Florida driving record. Florida will assess if the violation is notable enough to allow for points to be added on your driving record based on the type of traffic violation you, as a Florida driver, have just received.

For example, if you are a Florida driver who has just received a Speeding Ticket for exceeding 10 miles over the posted speed limit, then you, as the driver will automatically have 3 points placed on your driving record.

Although Pennsylvania would have only added two points for this moving violation, it is important to note that since you are a Florida driver, you will be assessed for points under Florida law.

As a Florida driver, you are only responsible for paying the fine for the Traffic Violation to the state in which you have received it in. For instance, suppose you are a Florida driver who has just received a moving violation in Pennsylvania. In this case, they are only accountable for paying the state of Pennsylvania for the fine, not the state of Florida.