Delaware Drivers with Pennsylvania Traffic Tickets: What to Do

As a Delaware driver who has just received a Traffic Violation in Pennsylvania, you must be aware that Pennsylvania will notify Delaware of the traffic violation. Delaware and Pennsylvania are contracted under the Driver License Compact (DLC). Under this agreement, information between the two states can be exchanged in association with a traffic violation.

Delaware places points onto a driving record based on the severity of the traffic violation. Moving violations, for example, are not considered to be severe enough under Delaware law to add points onto your Delaware driving record.

Suppose you are a Delaware driver who has just received a speeding ticket lawyer in Philadelphia. You, as the Delaware driver, will not acquire points on your driving record based on this moving violation.

However, receiving a DUI in Pennsylvania is considered a severe traffic violation under Delaware law. Points will be added onto your Delaware driving record if you, as a Delaware driver, are cited with a DUI in Pennsylvania.

Receiving a traffic violation in or Out Of The State of Delaware is still recorded onto your driving record. Even if points were not added onto your driving record based on your traffic violation, it is still noted onto your driving record. This information will be easily accessible to law enforcement the next time you are pulled over for a traffic offense in Delaware, or in any other state.