Car Accident Deposition Questions

This question is common among injured victims of PHILADELPHIA CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER. Assume for the moment that you or a loved one has a Personal Injury claim from a Car Accident and for a number of possible reasons, your claim does not settle, and a lawsuit is filed on your behalf.

At this point, you are looking at the likelihood that the lawyer of the driver at fault (usually appointed by an insurance company) will be asking to take your deposition. A deposition is a tool that lawyers use to learn about your case from you.

It is like a statement, but more formal. There is a court reporter with a steno writer (taking down what we say word for word) just like in an actual courtroom. However, it is almost always in a lawyer’s office and at deposition, you are asked a number of questions, some personal, about your life, and the claim that you are bringing.

The deposition is just like you being on a witness stand in court without the stand and the courtroom. It is widely thought by most trial lawyers as one of the most important events in a person’s case.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our attorneys and staff prepare you for your deposition testimony. We are present at the deposition and we make sure appropriate questions are being asked.

We will be right next to you at that table. Should you have any questions about your own case or a good friend or loved one’s case, please call us. The consultation is absolutely free.

Here Are Some of the Areas that You Will Likely Be Asked about:

  • Prior accidents where you claimed injury
  • Prior injury without it being an accident
  • Prior health conditions or disabilities
  • Any Crimes or felonies committed within the past 10 years
  • The facts of the accident where you are making a claim
  • Your driving record
  • Whether you wear glasses or other corrective lenses
  • What medical treatment you received
  • What you are currently doing for your injuries in terms of a doctor or therapy
  • Whether you plan to get treatment in the future
  • They will ask you all about your past employment, and whether you lost money as a result of the accident and the injuries
  • Your medical expenses
  • They will want to know what impact the injuries had on your day to day lifestyle
  • They will want to know if there was an activity or activities that you are no longer able to engage in

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we take our time in preparing you for this important event in your case. Often, we have you in our office to prepare at least 2 times, or more if need be. We are here to make your case a success. Call us. The consultation is absolutely free.