Can Low-Impact Car Accidents Cause Injuries?

Low impact car accidents are often times misunderstood. Many lawyers fail to acknowledge or understand that just because the impact was at a lower speed does not mean that injuries cannot result from these accidents.

Victims of low impact injuries are forced to convince lawyers and insurance companies of the extent of their injuries, and are often denied benefit, neglected, and underserved. Here at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. we represent injured individuals and their loved ones throughout the Philadelphia and surrounding tri-state area.

We have successfully negotiated cases against nearly every major insurance company and have represented clients who have sustained almost every type of imaginable injury.

Insurance companies would like you to believe that if there is no property damage or little property damage, then there can be no injury from an accident. These are typically called low impact or mild impact cases, but do not believe the hype.

Insurance companies want to save money and as a result, they have misled the general public regarding these types of collisions. The only people who truly understand that you can get injured and in some cases, seriously injured from a Low Impact Accident are the ones that are a victim of the crash.

This is not a simple matter because without noticeable property damage, people are skeptical of an injury claim. However, what people do not consider is that every movement, placement in the car, and possible pre-existing condition plays a role when you are struck by surprise.

People are not machines. You cannot judge a person and whether they are injured simply by looking at property damage, just like when shopping for eggs at the store, even though the carton is not damaged on the outside, you still open it up and inspect the eggs, because you know that there could be a damaged one inside even though the carton is perfectly shaped.

The same logic holds true in a Car Accident, because the occupant is a living, breathing human and a car is nothing more than metal and plastic.

Where you are sitting in a car, the use of seatbelts, the use of head restraints all play a role in the unnatural stretching of the body from the forward and backward and sometimes sideways movement of the occupant of a vehicle that is struck in a low impact accident. This can leave a plaintiff in pain for months, sometimes even years.

Proving the low impact case is difficult, and there are a number of lawyers who will not take on these types of cases. However, at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our team handles these cases on a daily basis.

We know how to prove the Injuries, and convince the judges and juries that the claim being made by you, a friend, or a loved one is serious, and entitled to compensation. Your claim is important to us, and the consultation is free.