Using the bus to travel—whether an intercity bus over a long distance, a school bus, or a commuter bus to get to work every day—is a cost-effective means of getting to where you are going, and a green way to travel as well. Many buses of all types operate safely each day, getting people where they need to be without incident.

However, accidents can and do happen, and when a bus becomes involved in an accident, there is potential for multiple major injuries or even fatalities due to the large number of passengers that could be on board at any given time and the size and weight of the bus itself.

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Bus Accidents Are Not Common, But Are Devastating

Although buses are not often involved in Traffic Collisions, the sheer size of the vehicles paired with the number of people who can be on board it at any given time makes for an injurious or even deadly combination when they do become involved in accidents.

If a bus carrying two dozen commuters slides off an icy road down an embankment and rolls over, the people inside that bus could easily come crashing out of broken windows or be flung from their seats into other areas of the vehicle or into their fellow passengers, as most buses do not include Seatbelts to prevent this form of free motion.

Although being able to get out of your seat quickly is a benefit when your stop comes up and you need to disembark, if your bus is involved in a rollover accident, it can lead to major injuries or even fatal injuries.

Bus Crash Facts and Figures

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration publishes an annual report on bus and heavy truck accident statistics. According to their latest data, in 2016:

  • There were 225 fatal accidents involving buses
  • 40 bus occupants lost their lives in these crashes
  • 35,000 people are estimated to have been injured in bus crashes
  • Transit buses and school buses had the most fatality accidents of any bus type where the bus type was known

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