Greg Prosmushkin
Feb 09, 2019

People don’t make the best decisions. Sometimes they make downright bad decisions. Unfortunately, these bad decisions are typically made because someone is under the influence. Addiction is a huge problem in the united states.

Much attention has been brought to the opioid epidemic, but the tried and true alcoholism is still just as lethal. People who suffer from alcoholism don’t know when to stop or how to stop. When they start to drink they just keep going. Much like an allergy, it just persists and persists without any cure.

Many alcoholics can stay dry. Staying dry means that they refrain from using alcohol. However, they do nothing to help resolve the issues which cause the alcoholism in the first place. Without doing the hard emotional work, there is no real way to trust that someone with an alcohol addiction will ever recover.

So how do you know you are addicted? Well if you have heard anything about Alcohol Anonymous, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. Someone can’t tell you that you have a problem, you have to tell yourself that you have a problem. The first step is a hard step, but there are other indicators that you may be dealing with an alcoholic. One of those indicators is a DUI.

Multiple DUI’s

If you end up with one DUI it may or may not mean that you have a problem. Sometimes people just don’t know their limit and they end up in a situation that they truly regret. Some people do learn their lesson and try to be a better person and citizen. However, if you have one, two, or more DUI’s then it may indicate that you have a problem. Driving under the influence is illegal in every state.

You are not allowed to driving while under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Some of the penalties for a DUI are losing your license, heavy fines, and jail time. You would think that over time someone would get the hint that they have a problem. Again, not everyone believes they have a problem, or if they do, they are doing nothing about it.

It Was Too Late

On a Sunday afternoon, a man with 5 previous DUI’s finally ended up killing someone. He was driving to get cocaine after his mother’s funeral when he struck a woman and her husband. The 45-year old woman died and her husband was rushed to the hospital with some intense injuries. It was too late to do anything to prevent this accident, but it isn’t too late to get the justice you deserve.

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