A personal injury Lawyer can provide legal aid to those who have been injured mentally or physically. They understand the difficulty of the claim process and are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for their case. These types of lawyers also specialize in cases where damages were caused due to the fault of a party, company, government entity, or another individual’s negligence.

Our experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury attorneys always begin by thoroughly investigating your claim, which includes collecting evidence, police reports and medical records.

We also take the effort to find video evidence, witness statements and other relevant information necessary for success. Ultimately though, our focus is on a client-centric approach so that you receive the utmost care throughout the process.

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Why Choose A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney?

With more than three decades of expertise, the Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin will assist in leveling the playing field. We have proficiency and fluency in various languages, such as Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian. Mr. Prosmushkin also earned one of the top 10 settlements for wrongful death in 2020

Being well-versed in different languages makes us more connected to our valuable clients. Our transparent approach is our topmost priority. To know about legal alternatives in your case, call us today and schedule an appointment.

Following are some more reasons to choose our team:

  • Free consultations are provided to all our clients. 
  • Our legal professionals have vast knowledge and experience in litigating personal injury cases. 
  • We can represent injured individuals for injury cases such as slip and falls, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, car crashes, medical malpractice, and more.
  • Our team works aggressively to fight for your rights and your fair compensation from start to finish.

We will organize a meeting to discuss your case and devise a relevant strategy to pursue the damages you need to move forward. Our team is well versed in helping people attain full financial recovery. Regular interaction and listening to our clients is what builds their trust in us. Read our Google Reviews to know more about what our clients have to say. We highly value all of our customer feedback.

What Is A Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases are legal matters in which a person sues another party for damages caused by negligence, intentional acts, or other wrongful conduct. These cases can arise from car accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and many other situations. When filing a personal injury case, the plaintiff must show that the other party was responsible for the harm that was done.

In a personal injury case, compensation is sought for physical and emotional injuries, as well as other losses related to the accident. The insurance company of the individual or entity responsible for the accident will typically handle the case and reimburse the plaintiff for any expenses incurred.

The tenure of the personal injury case will vary depending on the type of injury and the damages caused. Most often, there can be two outcomes of a case: A formal lawsuit or an informal settlement.

Formal Lawsuit: In a formal personal injury case, the plaintiff files a civil complaint against the negligent individual, government agency, or any business known as the defendant.

The plaintiff must show that the defendant caused the damages by proving that their negligence or intentional act was to blame for the injury. The court may consider evidence such as medical records, witness statements, and photographs to determine liability and damages.

Informal Settlement: In some cases, the parties involved may opt for an informal settlement outside of court with the help of a mediator. This can save the time and expense of a formal lawsuit and allows for an amicable resolution for both parties. This process may involve the negotiation of a settlement, which is an agreement to resolve the case and compensate the plaintiff for their losses.

What Are The Common Types Of Personal Injuries In Philadelphia?

Among the most common personal injury cases in the Philadelphia area are:

  • Auto Accidents: Our firm has handled personal injury cases involving car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.
  • Dog Bites: Our work with individuals injured by Dog Bites or dog attacks is extensive. Our lawyers and legal staff will address all issues a victim may experience. We work to help clients overcome physical, psychological, and/or cosmetic trauma.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Certain maintenance issues, employee carelessness, or weather conditions can affect safety when walking on another’s property. Our skilled attorneys relentlessly pursue compensation for those injured in Slip-and-Fall Accidents.
  • Defective Products: Consumers reasonably expect the products they purchase to be safe. However, when safety standards go overlooked, everyday household items can cause severe injury and, in some cases, even death. Talk to our firm about your options in obtaining a personal injury settlement in a Product Liability Claim.

Some of the other personal injury cases include premises liability, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, workplace injury, wrongful death, and more. Even if you think the situation might be minor, you can speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Why Get A Lawyer For Injury After An Accident?

Serious accidents go hand and hand with devastating injuries, emotional pain, and economic harm. Worse still, the aftermath of an accident is rarely less stressful than the event itself.

Dealing with insurance companies often causes victims to feel helpless. They may feel like they are being treated like a number instead of someone who has experienced a tragedy. If you or a loved one is suffering from an injury, you may encounter several barriers to getting the compensation you desire.

First, there are your physical injuries – such as Spinal Injuries, Burn Injuries, or even disfigurement to recover from. Moreover, there may be financial issues to consider. You might have expensive medical bills to pay, and you could be missing work. Recovering from an injury is often a slow and strenuous process.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, PA is someone who can help you obtain a fair settlement for your accident. They will help you simplify the overall process, as personal injury cases are quite complex.

What Damages Can I Recover After A Personal Injury?

Knowing about different types of damages is key when it comes to pursuing a personal injury case. Depending on many factors in the injury case and the injury itself, the following damages may be applicable:

  • Medical care: This includes past, present, and future medical bills related to  your injury or condition and any rehabilitation costs.
  • Lost wages: These reflect the value of your loss of income now and in the future.
  • Property damage or loss: If your belongings or property was damaged or destroyed, you might be entitled to compensation.
  • Pain and suffering: Emotional damages such as pain and suffering may apply if you have experienced pain, discomfort, or inconvenience.
  • Emotional distress: This type of damage is often thought to be low in value. However, emotional distress, even alone, can be worth thousands.
  • Quality of life: If your injury has affected your levels of enjoyment, you may be eligible for damages.

Suffering an injury that wasn’t your fault is not only a painful experience—it’s an overwhelming and confusing one. Many injured PA residents may not even realize they can pursue financial compensation for their injury. Your life can be strained physically, emotionally, and financially after an injury

How Much Does an Injury Lawyer Cost in Philadelphia, PA?

It has been seen that many injured victims are hesitant to hire an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to help with their legal claims. Many injured victims are already dealing with medical bills and can’t work. However, lawyers in Philadelphia have various fee schedules to meet the needs of their clients. These fee schedules include:

  • Flat fee
  • Hourly Fee
  • Contingency Fee

Flat Fees: In a flat-fee arrangement, the lawyer and client agree on a total amount that covers everything. Certain types of legal work, including contract review and document drafting, lend themselves to flat-fee arrangements.

Hourly Fees: Many lawyers in Philadelphia commonly charge clients a set hourly rate for providing legal services. Every week or month, the attorney sends the client a bill based on how many hours of work have been performed. 

Contingency Fees: In this arrangement, the client agrees on a percentage that will go to the attorney. In a contingency fee arrangement, the client pays nothing up-front. That is to say, if they never recover any money for the client, then the client does not have to pay.

If the lawyer does collect on behalf of the client, then the lawyer takes the agreed-upon percentage of the award. Contingency fee arrangements are common in personal injury cases such as auto accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. 

Law firms may develop their fees based on experience, case type, success rate, and other factors.

How Will I Determine Liability In Personal Injury?

Tens of thousands of people in Pennsylvania alone face personal injuries from auto accidents annually. Each year, PennDOT reveals an eye-opening report with facts and figures related to crashes the previous year. These can serve as a reminder of the need to stay alert on the road and protect yourself after a crash.

In Pennsylvania, personal injury tort law recognizes several different forms of liability. These include:

  • Personal injury negligence: Negligence applies when a person or business doesn’t take reasonable precautions or adhere to appropriate standards of care.
  • Intentional act: This applies when another individual or entity knowingly engages in an activity to cause injury.
  • Strict liability: Accidents fall under strict liability when other people are responsible, regardless of whether any unreasonable conduct was involved.
  • Product liability: This falls under strict liability. Under this legal theory, product manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe. They also must provide reasonable instructions or labels that include safety precautions and warnings about any hazards.

Once you determine the liability and amount of damages, you can seek adequate relief. An experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney (Lawyer) will be familiar with the process and know how to advise you at every stage.

Calculating every cost, including lost income and emotional damage, is vital to determine the value of compensation. All these will help you build a strong case against the other party.

What If The Insurance Company Denied My Injury Claim?

If you have been injured due to negligence, you have probably had to deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, many find their claims denied after an accident that resulted in severe injury. However, if you’ve been denied, don’t despair. With strong evidence and the right negotiation skills, you may be able to get it reconsidered.

A lawyer can analyze your case from every perspective. With their accident experience, they can greatly assist you with the insurance company.

How Do I Handle The Doctors While My Medical Treatment Is Going On?

Sometimes, healthcare professionals may continue treating injuries because they want to take advantage of the settlement. In these cases, they may not give you the prescriptions and other records necessary for your claim.

A Personal Injury Law Firm may be able to help you find appropriate medical care. You must also give the doctor complete information about your injuries and pain. Preserving all the medical bills and history of your treatment is vital for your injury claim.

Philadelphia Accident Statistics

According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Philadelphia County experienced 8,714 car accidents in 2022. Among these accidents, 5,549 individuals sustained injuries, and tragically, 134 lives were lost. These statistics reveal that, on average, an automobile collision occurred within Philadelphia County every hour throughout the year.

Furthermore, a concerning fact is that over 60% of these accidents resulted in either injuries or fatalities. Disturbingly, in one recent year, more than 12% of all fatal accidents across Pennsylvania occurred in Philadelphia County.

In the same year, 57 pedestrians lost their lives in accidents involving motor vehicles, while 3 bicyclists also tragically succumbed to bicycle accidents involving cars.

What To Expect When Working With An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

After facing a personal injury, injured victims often struggle with whether to handle the process themselves or take legal advice. Without experience in the field, victims often do not know how complex insurance claims can be.

Further, it may worsen your case if you do not get help from personal injury lawyers. You also may get far less settlement than you deserve.

Once injured victims sign a settlement offer, they are waiving their right to seek any future compensation. The settlement amount must be sufficient to handle all treatment expenses and other bills.

How Can I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA?

Let our Philadelphia injury lawyer handle your legal matters so that you focus on recovery.

Attending your medical treatments will allow you to recover sooner while our experts work on your behalf. Schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case.

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