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Philadelphia Speeding Ticket LawyerSo you got a Speeding Ticket. Now you are considering your options, and you are likely asking yourself “should I get a lawyer for a speeding ticket?” After all, the lawyer may cost you more than the fine! But, in this line of consideration, you would be thinking too small. You need to think not only of the initial fine, but also about the issues of points, mandatory license suspensions, and larger fines and surcharges.So, is it worth getting a Traffic Lawyer for a speeding ticket? For most people, the answer is YES! In Pennsylvania, the penalties for Speeding Tickets and overall points’ accumulation are significant. The penalties increase as you gain more points and more suspensions. These are the penalties you may be faced with:

Under 18 Years Old with 6 Points on License or Speeding By 26+ Mph

6 Points on License

  • Must pass a written test for restoration

6 Points on License, 2nd Offense

  • 15 days license suspension
  • Must pass a written test for restoration
  • Must pass a road test for restoration

6 Points on License, 3rd Offense

  • A PennDot hearing will be held
  • Possible 30 day suspension

Speeding By 31+ mph

  • A PennDot hearing will be held
  • Possible 15 day suspension
  • Possible road test for restoration

11+ Total Points

  • First suspension: 5 days per point
  • Second suspension: 10 days per point
  • Fourth suspension: 15 days per point
  • Additional suspensions: 1 year total

Lawyer That Handles Out of State Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Before you ask do I have to appear in court for a speeding ticket, the answer is yes. If you do not appear in court for a ticket, you could have a warrant issued by the court or a longer automatic suspension issued.

You will also be required to appear at any PennDOT hearing scheduled as a result of points on your license or Excessive Speeding. These hearings are for the purpose of determining the appropriate consequence. In both court and in PennDOT hearings it would be in your best interest to have an attorney in your corner.

You need a lawyer. Your final question is likely “how much does a speeding ticket lawyer cost?” The answer to that is that price varies. What is important is that you find an attorney you can trust and whose skills you are confident in. You can rely on The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our traffic lawyers are second to none.

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