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Running a Red Light is an infraction commonly made by drivers. Typically, it is a harmless error that the driver will try to not repeat. However, sometimes this is not the case. In fact, many accidents take place in Philadelphia because of a driver Running a Red Light. It’s estimated that as much as 20 percent of driving fatalities in Pennsylvania are caused by Drivers Running Red Lights.

Being stopped for a red light offense can be costly and involve points, while a Red Light Camera Ticket carries a lesser fine and no points. Despite these lesser consequences, some people may need to contest a Red Light Camera Ticket due either to work standards or other complications. If you have been accused of a red light violation, a Traffic Attorney may be able to help.

Police Stop vs. Camera

Philadelphia Red Light Ticket LawyerA police stop for running a red light can involve costly fines and 3 points on the license. This can lead to problems with license suspension and insurance, turning this seemingly minor offense into a big problem.On the other hand, a red light camera ticket carries a fine of only $100. No points can be assigned based on a red light camera ticket. Nevertheless, those with commercial driver’s licenses or some other employment considerations may need to retain a lawyer regardless of state penalties, because of risk to their employment over Traffic Offenses.

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Ticket

The good news is that these cameras are not infallible. They can have computer programming problems, computer glitches, clerical errors, and other issues involving both the individual and technological components. A knowledgeable attorney can argue these technical aspects to your benefit.

If you were not driving your vehicle, you merely need to prove that to be the case, and, in all likelihood, the case will be dropped and the other driver will not be pursued. A plane ticket showing the owner of the vehicle was out of the country has been used to get a ticket dismissed in the past. Similar pieces of evidence could accomplish the same.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

The points that are the result of being found guilty of Running a Red Light can affect the status of your license and insurance. An experienced attorney can help you to avoid more serious consequences which may result from this offense. And if you are an individual who would be adversely affected by a red light camera ticket, an attorney can help you by aggressively arguing on your behalf.

This content was written on behalf of an experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Greg Prosmushkin.