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Getting A Car Out Of ImpoundVehicles can be towed for several different reasons. If the driver is not validly licensed or is being arrested, law enforcement may tow the car for safekeeping, or to further investigate the vehicle. Unfortunately, in many cases, police agencies are unfamiliar with the laws on towing and impoundment of a vehicle. Many in fact Contract with private towing businesses instead of using their own equipment and storage facilities to keep the confiscated car. These private towing companies are well aware of the fact that if they release the car without receiving full payment for their time they will more than likely never receive it down the line. They are also unfamiliar with the jurisdiction of the vehicle being in their lot in the first place, which can cause further difficulty with you being able to retrieve it from the lot after it is towed.

Whether you were arrested, and the police took your vehicle, or you are facing the impoundment of your car as punishment by the courts, having your Car Impounded is a miserable experience. You are placed in a predicament where you’re going to be without your car for some period of time and, as if this were not enough, be forced to pay costly storage fees.

In many cases, the best thing you can do is to ask the police where your car has been taken to, contact the lot and ask for the bill, and pay the fees as quickly as possible in order to prevent them from increasing further, and to ensure the return of your car. You may be more comfortable doing this with a lawyer, as your lawyer will ensure you to bring the appropriate documents with you in order to guarantee fair treatment.

In the event your vehicle is scheduled for impound, retaining counsel may be your best course of action. With the assistance of counsel, you may be able to obtain a waiver from impoundment. This can be done by either

  1. Proving the vehicle was stolen,
  2. Showing that the vehicle was bought after the offense being punished – but not as a means to avoid impoundment, or
  3. Claiming and evidencing the vehicle as the family’s sole source of transportation

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