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Throughout Philadelphia, and in the surrounding suburbs, we here at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. provide strong, resourceful representation for people who need to protect or regain their driving privileges. Please contact us to work with an aggressive and efficient Traffic Ticket Lawyer who knows the best strategies for dealing with PENNDOT or the New Jersey DMV.

Skilled, Straight-Talking Lawyers

We respect the fact that keeping or restoring your valid driver’s license may well be critical for your work, and for your ability to deal with personal and family obligations. That is why we will focus on helping you:

  • Handle traffic violations and misdemeanor charges such as DUI or DWI with a focus on protecting your license to the greatest possible extent.
  • Take action for Restoration of your Suspended Driver’s License, whether the suspension was the result of Multiple Traffic Violations, certain specific citations or other causes.
  • Deal as effectively as possible with Old Traffic Tickets you have not acknowledged, which may have resulted in having your Driver’s License Suspended indefinitely.
  • Attempt to recover your license if an officer took your driver’s license but it has not been officially suspended.
  • Negotiating and re-opening civil judgments and defaults which have resulted in your driver’s license being suspended.

Cutting Through the Red Tape and Targeting Positive Results

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we know dealing with the courts and other authorities over a Suspended Driver’s License can be confusing and frustrating. For many people, avoiding or minimizing the impact of a Suspended Driver’s License is an even bigger concern than avoiding jail time or significant fines. We can help you to regain control of your situation by:

  • Scheduling the proper PENNDOT or DMV hearings or required appearances in the right Traffic Courts.
  • Putting you on payment plans and appealing old traffic tickets of which you were found guilty.
  • Explaining exactly what you need to do.
  • Pursuing every available legal path to get positive results.

Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer

Philadelphia Driver License Suspension LawyerOur attorneys have experience providing Traffic Ticket Defense for people facing many charges throughout the communities we serve, including all of Philadelphia, the entire Pennsylvania area, Bucks County, and South Jersey. You can benefit from a free consultation at the office most convenient for you. If you communicate best in another language, just let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We have attorneys and staff are fluent in Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Russian. Call today at 215-673-7733 in Philadelphia or 609-656-0909 in Trenton to set up a free consultation, and discuss your situation. You can also email us, and we will respond promptly.

This content was written on behalf of an experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Greg Prosmushkin.

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The office was great all around with my request for name change. The level of professionalism and communication was excellent. I recommend their office for anything within their expertise. One of the problems I had in the past with law offices was their lack of updates on my case, and it was difficult to get in touch with anyone handling the matter. That was never an issue with this office and give me assurance of their ability and peace of mind.