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Driving is a necessity for people in Philadelphia to go about their daily lives. We rely on our vehicles to commute to work, to bring children to and from school, and to perform a variety of daily tasks. These kinds of pressures lead some people to keep driving after their Driver’s License Has Been Suspended. If you find yourself facing Charges of Driving while Suspended, make sure you reach out to an attorney as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we fight to help people keep their driving privileges. With offices in Philadelphia and Trenton, we are equipped to represent drivers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our goal is to have Driver’s License Suspensions lifted entirely when possible, or alternatively to help our clients secure Restricted Driver’s Licenses so they can continue driving.

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Fighting Criminal Charges and Administrative Suspension

If you are pulled over, arrested, and charged with Driving while Suspended, you need to understand that there are two separate things going on. One, there is the criminal conviction that caused your license to be suspended in the first place, and two, the License Suspension itself, which is instituted by PennDOT or NJDOT.

Our lawyers handle both aspects. We may file an appeal of the criminal conviction that led to the suspension. Examples of things that can result in suspension include:

  • DUI
  • Being found guilty of certain violations of the Motor Vehicle Code
  • Suspended License due to child support
  • Suspended license due to civil judgments
  • Too many points on your driver’s license
  • Tollway evasions or violations
  • Ignoring Traffic Tickets and Parking Violations

We will simultaneously deal with PennDOT or NJDOT, working to have your license reinstated, or to obtain a restricted driver’s license for you.

Philadelphia Driving While Suspended LawyerLike many people, you probably rely on your car to get to work, run errands and perform other daily routine tasks. Having your license suspended creates an extreme impact and inconvenience on your everyday life, making it even all the more tempting to drive if your license has been suspended. Pennsylvania laws push for harsh penalties and fines in the event that you violate your license suspension. To avoid making a bad situation worse, it would be in your best interest to not get behind the wheel while your license is suspended; the consequences can be even more life altering than the suspension itself.

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