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Did you find out your driving privileges were Suspended or Revoked? If so, it can be frustrating attempting to discover how to get your license back in working order. Our attorneys can assist you in getting through the issues involved with restoring your license.

Philadelphia Driver’s License Restoration LawyerSuspension of your license can have a serious impact on your daily life. Your ability to perform your job, maintain your home, transport your family and run everyday errands are put in jeopardy when your driving privileges have been taken away. The options for transportation to people without a driver’s license are limited and can escalate to something far worse than an inconvenience. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. we can help pursue strategies calculated to speed up your restoration of your driver’s license. Even in the event that we cannot get your license overturned, we can help reduce the sentence of your license suspension using our decades of legal experience.

License Suspension

Your license can be suspended for one of several reasons including:

  • A guilty finding by a court on a violation carrying a suspension (such as DUI, high speed violation, reckless driving)
  • Failure to pay fines and costs on a previous traffic citation
  • Failure to respond to an Out-of-State Traffic Citation
  • Too many points accruing to your license
  • As result of a Drug Violation
  • A finding by the Department of Transportation that you are a danger on the road

Regardless of the reason for your suspension, it is important to contact an attorney to help you restore your license. In many cases, an Experienced Attorney can reopen, remove, or even clear your underlying citations, so that you are free to legally drive.

The Reason You Are Suspended Matters

The reason you are suspended by the motor vehicle agency determines how to proceed in your case. For example, if you were found guilty in a court of a violation carrying a suspension, a lawyer can help you overturn the guilty verdict and therefore get the violation off your record. This can lead to overturning your suspension. Additionally, if you have an administrative hold on your license, an attorney can contact the agency and initiate proceedings to remove that block. In some circumstances, your lawyer may be able to petition the agency for credit time so that you can get your license back sooner.

Determining the Best Approach

One of the experienced trial attorneys at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. can help you to determine if you should file an appeal to the underlying violation, contest your suspension with the department of transportation, or any combination of these. In order to start the process, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

This content was written on behalf of an experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Greg Prosmushkin.