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If you are someone that drives in Philadelphia/New Jersey area, you know that Road Construction is a near-constant ongoing process. State and local police watch construction areas closely, and cite drivers for speeding and other infractions on a regular basis.

Philadelphia Construction Zone Traffic Ticket LawyerPhiladelphia residents know it better than anyone else: the city is always trying to improve its highways through lengthy construction projects. Construction workers have a very hazardous profession in regards to putting themselves in life threatening situations every time they’re on the job. Each year, highway workers and motorists are killed as a result of carelessness within a work-zone. Which is why Pennsylvania imposed such strict penalties on drivers who violate traffic laws in an active work zone. Traffic violations already put drivers on thin ice when it comes to high fines and increases in car insurance premiums. However, in the event that a driver speeds in a work zone, significantly heightened penalties are enforced.

At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we provide effective defense for people who have been cited for all types of traffic violations, including construction zone infractions. With offices in Philadelphia and Trenton, we are able to represent clients issued tickets in Pennsylvania and New Jersey alike. Our attorneys work diligently to help clients keep their licenses and the money in their pockets.

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How a Skilled Traffic Lawyer Can Help

The penalties for traffic violations in work zones are generally much harsher than those for infractions under other circumstances. Fines are heavy, and Driver’s License Suspensions are common. As experienced Philadelphia and Trenton attorneys, we know that there are usually opportunities to negotiate with prosecutors rather than just plead guilty. We may be able to:

  • Get the charges dismissed
  • Have the charges reduced
  • Negotiate for a lesser monetary penalty
  • Ensure that your license is not suspended

When you come to us, we will scrutinize the events surrounding your citation. Law enforcement may have acted inappropriately. If correct procedures were not followed, there may be grounds for challenging the ticket. We know the traffic courts very well. We understand when a case needs to be fought, and when peaceful negotiation needs to take place. We will do everything possible to overcome the possible results of a construction zone infraction.

Speeding in a Construction Zone? Call Our Lawyers.

If you were pulled over for a traffic violation in a construction zone in Philadelphia or New Jersey, do not hesitate to call our lawyers to find out about your options. Schedule a Free Consultation by calling 215-673-7733 (Philadelphia Traffic Lawyer). You can also email us, and we will respond promptly.

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