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Philadelphia Car Impounded Unpaid Tickets LawyerIgnoring unpaid traffic tickets can result in severe consequences despite how insubstantial or ridiculous you might think the offense is. When left unresolved, the price of the original amount can double or even triple in cost, your car to be towed, and in more severe cases a license suspension. It would be in your best interest, to not merely shove that speeding ticket into your glove box,. Rather, you should pay off the small fine, instead of waiting for more serious consequences to arise. To get further advice on what your next step should be after your car is impounded for unpaid traffic tickets, contact one of our Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Attorneys today.

In most cases, it is best to try and set up a payment plan for unpaid tickets, so that you can avoid this entire situation. Once your car has been impounded for Unpaid Tickets, the best course of action you can take is to simply pay the tickets and storage fees to have your car returned to you. This is truly unfortunate, as you now have additional costs in towing/storage fees on top of paying all the tickets – all of which must now be paid in a potentially significant lump sum. However, for some people this may not be a realistic option.

What Should I Do if…

  1. …these violations occurred while my car was stolen?
    Assuming you alerted the police, the timeline should be simple enough to identify and resolve the matter without you having to pay any penalties. If not, you can request a hearing to prove your case.
  2. …I cannot afford the fees, or they outweigh the value of the vehicle?
    In some cities and towns, they may be willing to waive the storage fees in exchange for title of the vehicle. Obviously, this should be a last resort, especially as this does not resolve your ticket fines, but it may be an option.
  3. …I want to fight these violations?

It is your right to be able to fight any and all violations you receive. However, be aware that these cases can be difficult to defend on your own. It is always recommended you call an attorney. While it may seem counterintuitive to shell out money to an attorney instead of paying the fine, simply paying the fines could result in unintended consequences, such as License Suspensions and Revocations.

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