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Elevator Accidents can be newsworthy disasters. Suppose you are in a building, and you need to get to the 15th floor. Then, without warning, while you are on your way, the elevator abruptly stops, causing you and everyone else on the elevator to fall to the ground. Even worse, you are now hurt and trapped in this small, confined space with other potentially injured and/or panicked passengers.

Philadelphia Elevator Accident LawyerWhether you are on the job or just visiting a multiple story building, every time you step on an elevator you put your health and life in the hands of another. Hotels, office buildings, and apartment complexes are just some of the many places that have elevators. These buildings are responsible for inspecting, maintaining and ensuring that these vertical forms of transportation are safe for use. In the event that an elevator malfunction and causes someone to become seriously injured or killed, the building owner, elevator manufacturer and the maintenance company can all be held liable. While elevator accidents are relatively rare in comparison to Car Accidents, the injuries that are sustained from these instances can be life altering and in severe cases life threatening.

Part of your claim involves your status on the elevator. Are you an invitee: a Tenant of the building, a delivery person, or a person on the property to visit another tenant? The building owes business invitees the highest duty of care when on the property. The building has an obligation to have a qualified elevator inspector routinely inspect the inner workings of the lift so that it does not malfunction or stop while carrying passengers. The building, the elevator company, or even the elevator maintenance company can individually or jointly be held responsible.

Elevator Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Being in an elevator accident is often a horrifying event; one which can last in your mind for years and years to come. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., our team of lawyers and staff are available for a free consultation should you have any questions or concerns relating to your Elevator Accident.

Elevator Accidents can be classified into several types (even though they all end with a Personal Injury). The first involves a defect in the elevator’s parts or manufacturing, i.e. a malfunctioning motor. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin P.C., we have the right experts for this type of incident. Another type of elevator accident is when there are improper maintenance and repair that causes the elevator in question to fail.

If you or a close friend or family member was hurt in an elevator incident, Contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. for an immediate free consultation. If you are not able to come to the office for a consultation due to your injuries, lack of driver’s license, or for any other reason, we would be happy to send someone to your home, or any other meeting place for your convenience.

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