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Regardless of whether you drive a car in Philadelphia or get around the city on foot, you have probably noticed that delivery trucks are everywhere. In fact, some of you may have been annoyed by the fact that these trucks are blocking traffic.

But blocking traffic is not the worst thing delivery trucks operated by FedEx, UPS, and others can do, as colliding with one of those trucks can result in Catastrophic Consequences.

The rising popularity of doorstep delivery, the rising number of delivery truck crashes

An increasing number of Americans rely on doorstep delivery, because making purchases via the Internet is much more convenient than wasting your time on shopping at a physical store and driving to and from that store. That’s why there has been an influx of delivery trucks in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania in recent years, and the popularity of doorstep delivery services keep rising at a rapid rate.

Yes, it is true that making purchases via the Internet is convenient, but for a delivery truck driver, making one delivery after another under pressure and tight deadlines is anything but convenient. Our Philadelphia Delivery Truck Accident Attorney from The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., explains that because many delivery truck drivers are burned-out, exhausted, stressed out, fatigued and do not get enough sleep and rest, the risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident with a delivery truck is extremely high.

That’s because many drivers of delivery trucks engage in such hazardous driving behaviors as:

Recovering damages after a delivery truck accident

Colliding with a delivery truck is bad news not only because of the high risk of suffering severe injuries, but also because of the legal challenges associated with being in a delivery Truck Accident. Recovering damages when a vehicle is operated by a delivery company such as FedEx, UPS or any other can feel like an uphill struggle, because delivery companies hire the best lawyers to protect them from liability claims.

Philadelphia Delivery Truck Accident LawyerAn insurance company representing the delivery company that owns the delivery truck involved in a motor vehicle accident with you may attempt to tamper with evidence or look for any pieces of evidence proving that you were partially to blame for the crash. “Also, the insurer may argue that your injury is so minor and insignificant that you do not deserve any financial compensation whatsoever,” warns our experienced Delivery Truck Accident Attorney in Philadelphia.Interestingly, delivery companies and their insurance companies refuse to settle claims for amounts that, oftentimes, do not account for even 10 percent of their daily revenue.

Who can be held at fault for a delivery truck accident?

When it comes to establishing fault in a motor vehicle accident involving a delivery truck, multiple parties may be held at fault for the crash and thus responsible for paying out your personal injury claim. These parties include but are not limited to:

  1. The driver of the delivery truck if he or she was negligent, reckless, or careless when operating the vehicle (for example, the trucker got distracted behind the wheel, which caused the accident)
  2. The delivery company if there is evidence that it failed to properly train the truck driver, the delivery truck was overloaded beyond its capacity, the company set unrealistic deadlines for the trucker, or did anything to cause or contribute to the crash
  3. A third-party company responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the truck and/or loading its cargo and
  4. The delivery truck manufacturer and/or manufacturers of parts and components, if the accident was caused by a manufacturing or design defect

Let our skilled Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers from The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., investigate your case to determine liability and ensure that you are getting the compensation that truly reflects your damages and losses. Call our offices at 215-673-7733 for a free case evaluation.