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If you have ever driven a vehicle – not necessarily a truck – you may be aware of the fact that every vehicle has blind spots that significantly limit the driver’s vision in front, back, and to the sides of the vehicle.

The blind spots for trucks are even larger than those for passenger cars. Since blind spots can cause devastating Car Accidents and truck accidents, vehicles are equipped with side and rear-view mirrors as well as a backup camera to minimize blind spots.

Truck accidents caused by blind spots

Oftentimes, truck drivers either forget to check blind spots or their rear and side-view mirrors are defective or improperly adjusted, which can cause a blind spot-related truck accident.

Our Philadelphia Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer from The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., warns that blind spots can cause collisions on highways and local roads in Philadelphia and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Blind spots for trucks

For trucks, blind spots are:

  • The area directly in front of the truck’s cab
  • Most of the right side of the truck
  • The upper left side of the truck
  • The area to the right and slightly in front of the cab and
  • The area directly behind the truck

Some of these areas can be as big as 30 feet, which means entire vehicles may stay hidden in those blind spots of trucks. In some cases, there can be multiple vehicles hiding in multiple blind spots of a truck, which increases the likelihood of a truck crash.

As you may have guessed by now, truck drivers are held to a higher standard of care when operating a truck compared to drivers of passenger cars.

Common types of blind spot-related truck accidents

The vast majority of blind spot truck accidents are caused by a trucker’s failure to pay close attention to their surroundings and to constantly check blind spots before performing any maneuvers on the road or highway. More often than not, truck accidents caused by blind spots are either rear-end or side collisions.

Philadelphia Blind Spot Truck Accident LawyerFor example, if a truck driver fails to see a vehicle in front of the cab, he or she will most likely not be able to stop the vehicle in time to avoid a collision, hitting the rear-end of the vehicle in front. Or, if a truck is being followed by another vehicle too closely, and the truck driver fails to see this in a rear-view mirror and then stops abruptly, the rear vehicle will most likely crash into the truck from behind.“Side collisions are no less common,” says our experienced Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia. When a truck changes lane, it can hit a vehicle in the adjacent lane if the trucker failed to notice this vehicle in a blind spot.

When a blind spot truck accident is caused by negligence

More often than not, the truck driver will be held liable for causing a blind spot-related truck accident, because the vast majority of these crashes are caused by negligent or careless truckers.

A truck driver can be held responsible for causing a truck accident due to negligence if he or she:

  • Does not have the training and qualifications to drive this type of truck, as required by law
  • Failed to properly install or adjust side-view and rear-view mirrors to minimize blind spots
  • Failed to remain vigilance of his or her surroundings
  • Failed to check blind spots before performing a maneuver
  • Was driving while fatigued, drowsy, or exhausted
  • Was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and
  • Did not have a backup camera and other technology for collision avoidance installed

In the vast majority of such truck accidents, the trucker will be held solely responsible for any resulting damages and losses. However, you may also be able to sue the trucker’s employer (trucking company) if the truck driver was operating the vehicle in the scope of his or her employment. The trucking company may bear additional liability if the company failed to conduct proper background checks, the truck driver did not receive proper training, or the truck was not maintained in good condition.

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