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A tire blowout is not the worst thing that can happen to you on your way to work. A car accident caused by a flat tire, on the other hand, is. A tire blowout auto accident is any car crash caused by a deflated or flat tire or tires.

Philadelphia Tire Blowout Accident LawyerTire blowouts cause a staggering more than 23,000 motor vehicle collisions in the United States each year. When one or several of the tires in a vehicle deflate while driving due to poor maintenance, damage, incorrect air pressure, or any other factor, the driver of that vehicle may lose control of the vehicle, and, as a result, get into a car crash.“One of the biggest misconceptions about car crashes caused by flat tires is that people assume that they are always at-fault for accidents in which their tires deflate or blow out,” says our Philadelphia Tire Blowout Accident Lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. In reality, you are not at fault for accidents caused by a tire blowout unless your negligence or carelessness had anything to do with that accident.

Who’s Responsible for Your Tire Blowout Accident?

It is not uncommon for drivers whose vehicles had a flat tires to recover damages from other parties whose negligence caused or contributed to the crash. These parties who can potentially be held liable include but are not limited to:

  • Other motorists
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Manufacturer of the tires
  • Auto mechanic or vehicle maintenance company, which inspected, maintained, repaired, and replaced tires in that vehicle and
  • Public or government entity responsible for inspection and maintenance of the road where a tire blowout auto accident occurred (when a road hazard caused the flat tire)

“Tire blowout car crashes are usually associated with severe injuries, because a car driver may lose control of the vehicle with a flat tire, and, as a result, cause a motor vehicle accident involving multiple vehicles,” warns our Tire Blowout Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia.

Tire blowout crashes caused by improper vehicle maintenance

Vehicle maintenance should always involve inspection of the tires, and, if necessary, repairing or replacing damaged, faulty, defective, recalled or otherwise unsafe tires. When vehicle maintenance is conducted negligently or the motorist fails to conduct regular inspection and maintenance, the tires can become worn out and unusable over time.

Checking the tires on your vehicle is important to ensure your own safety and the safety of other drivers, Pedestrians, Motorcyclists, and bicyclists you share the road with. If your car crash was caused by a flat tire because you failed to properly inspect and maintain your vehicle or replace worn out tires when necessary, you will be held liable for any resulting damages and losses.

If a tire blowout auto accident occurs several weeks or days after your last inspection and you are certain that the tires were in a good condition prior to the crash, you may want to speak to an experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer to determine fault and establish negligent parties in your particular case.

Tires can become deflated or blow out due to many factors, but the most common of them are:

  • Defective or recalled tires
  • Worn-out tires
  • Underinflated or overinflated tires
  • Pothole, cracked pavement, debris, and other road hazards and poor road conditions and
  • Tire puncture

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