Philadelphia Single Vehicle Crash Accident

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Most motor vehicle accidents involve at least two cars, but did you know that you are equally at risk of getting into a single-vehicle accident? When most people think about a car accident, they immediately picture two vehicles colliding. But single-vehicle crashes can be just as serious and common.

Although it might seem that if you are the only party involved in a single-vehicle crash, you will have to pay for your damages and losses from your pocket, this does not necessarily have to be this way.

You Can Still Seek Compensation In a Single-Vehicle Accident

“Just because you were the only person involved in a Car Accident does not necessarily mean that you are the only party who can be at fault for causing it,” says our Philadelphia single-vehicle accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. Even if you were injured in a single-vehicle accident, you might still be able to recover damages from another individual or entity.

In the event of a single-vehicle accident, you may be able to:

  1. Recover full damages for your injury if another party was 100 percent at fault for causing it
  2. Recover a partial portion of damages if you were partially at fault for causing it or
  3. Pay for your damages from your pocket or seek coverage from your insurance companies if you were the only party at fault.

Insurance companies are not eager to pay damages if you were involved in a single-vehicle accident. Most deny personal injury claims immediately when they find out that no other party was involved. Only an experienced single-vehicle accident lawyer in Philadelphia can help you conduct a fair investigation and determine fault, even if you were the only party involved in the car accident.

Insurance companies are no strangers to handling single-vehicle accident claims unfairly, so you should not be surprised if your insurer refuses to listen to you or review the evidence proving that another party was at fault, no matter how reasonable your arguments are.

Liability In A Single-Vehicle Accident

Let’s imagine that you crashed your car into a light pole. In that case, the following parties may be held liable for causing that single-vehicle crash:

  • You, as the only party at fault, if you got distracted while operating the car and did not notice the pole, fell asleep behind the wheel, or were driving under the influence of alcohol
  • City, municipality, or county responsible for inspecting and maintaining the roads as well as designing intersections and roads (for example, if your vehicle hit a pothole, which caused you to lose control of your vehicle, and, as a result, crash into the light pole)
  • Another motorist whose negligent act or unsafe driving behavior caused you to crash into the pole (for example, another motorist illegally merged into your lane, which prompted you to swerve right to avoid a collision, which, as a result, caused the single-vehicle accident)
  • An auto mechanic who conducted inspections and maintenance of the vehicle (if the single-vehicle crash was caused by a manufacturing issue that the mechanic should have noticed while conducting inspection and fixed it or informed you about it) and
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle and/or its parts and components if the single-vehicle accident was caused by a defect or malfunction (for example, there was a brake failure that made it impossible to stop the vehicle, and, as a result, you crashed into the pole)

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