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Driving slower than you should be, although not as dangerous as exceeding the speed limit, can result in life-threatening injuries. Yes, too many of you who have never been in a low-speed collision might sound absurd, but if you Google low-speed car accidents in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania you will realize that you do not necessarily have to travel at high speeds to suffer severe injury or even death.

The popular misconception that low-speed collisions are harmless and insignificant often causes insurance companies in Philadelphia and all across Pennsylvania to deny legitimate personal injury claims or minimize the amount of money a driver is allowed to recover. “Just because you were injured in a low-speed collision at 20 mph or lower does not necessarily mean that your injury is insignificant,” explains our Philadelphia Low-Speed Accident Lawyer at The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C.

Is lack of damage to the vehicle evidence that your injury is minor?

You can get into a low-speed car crash pretty much anywhere, including in a parking lot shortly after starting your engine or when parking, and even on a highway packed with cars, vans, and trucks who travel at a low speed due to traffic jams.

Philadelphia Low-Speed Accident LawyerContrary to the popular belief, just because there is little to no physical damage to a vehicle does not necessarily mean that the driver’s injury is minor. In fact, in some cases, even a low-speed car crash can result in life-altering injuries.Oftentimes, victims of low-speed collisions need legal help from an experienced Low-Speed Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania to collect evidence proving that you are entitled to recover damages. In low-speed collisions, where there is minimal damage to the vehicle, insurance companies will most likely deny your personal injury claim by arguing that you had a pre-existing condition or were injured under other circumstances.

Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Low-Speed Accident

Due to physics and biomechanics, there can be a lack of correlation between damage to the vehicle and the vehicle’s driver and passengers. What many insurers do not realize is that evaluating the condition and injuries of the driver and his or her passengers based on the damage to their vehicle is not an accurate way to assess damages.

Let’s also not forget that nearly all modern cars are equipped with bumpers designed to withstand the force of a low-speed collision with little to no visible damage to the vehicle. Let’s imagine that a driver is driving at 10mph or 15 mph, and crashes into a bus stop. Even though there is minimal damage to the vehicle, the driver of that vehicle sustained severe injuries, while people waiting at the bus stop suffered life-threatening injuries.

Or, for example, if a low-speed car crash involves two vehicles traveling at below 5mph or 10mph, the combined impact speed can result in even more serious injuries compared to a low-speed collision with a stationary object.

It is not uncommon for victims of low-speed accidents to refuse medical attention after a low-speed collision simply because they feel fine and see no symptoms of injury for hours or even days after the crash. Your refusal to seek medical care after a low-speed crash can prompt insurance companies to deny your personal injury claim, arguing that your refusal to seek medical attention is “evidence” that you were not injured in the crash.

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