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Philadelphia Cell Phone Car Accident LawyerHave you ever been cut off by a driver who was on his or her cell phone at the time? Does that make you angry? Well, each year, there are a number of injuries reported to be caused by distracted drivers using their cell phone at the time of the incident. The problem is an epidemic. Many states have laws which prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. If you cause a Car Accident because you were using your cell phone, the chances of a jury finding you grossly negligent are great. The preferable way to use a cell phone, if you must use it, is to be sure that you use it hands free.

The most frequently occurring causes of cell phone related car crashes can be summarized as follows:

  • Running through a steady red signal because the driver was not paying attention.
  • Failing to move on a green signal.
  • Improper lane changes.
  • Failing to stop for Traffic and crashing into the rear of the stopped vehicle.
  • Failing to honor stop signs.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a Car Accident, and you suspect that the other driver was using a cell phone at the time, make sure that you record the time when you first realized that there was cell phone. The reason is that there are very difficult problems of proof associated with pinpointing the use with the accident and the available records from the cell phone company.

A person could have been using their cell seconds before a crash, but this needs to be proven. Many times, the at-fault party who was using a cell phone will admit in the course of his or her apology to you that they were using a cell at the time of the incident. Make a note of this when you hear it. Otherwise, you need to contact an attorney quickly so a letter can issue about the use.

If you or a loved one suspects that the accident was caused in part by a distracted driver that was on his or her cell at the time of the accident, contact Our Philadelphia Car Accident lawyers and staff are trained to gather the kind of evidence necessary to demonstrate Distracted Driving. Furthermore, we know how to assist you in handling your claim.

Texting while driving is yet another deadly activity. When you text and drive, you take your eyes off the road. When you look back to the road, the traffic conditions or even the roadway may have changed. Therefore, when a person who is texting and driving looks up, they cannot react to conditions, such as stopped traffic or a curve in the road. When this happens, accidents result. Ultimately, using a cell phone drastically raises the chances of you getting into an accident.

A person who causes harm as a result of negligence ought to be held accountable for the harm caused. At The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., we hold people accountable. Call or email us to consult with one of our attorneys today. Your consultation is absolutely free.