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What are the different types of sexual crimes? Many people are confused by the difference between sexual battery and sexual assault. They are two distinct sexual offenses. In various states, the two crimes are viewed differently. Victims of these crimes often find themselves in a dilemma as to how to proceed with their case, which […]

Apr 13, 2022
Greg Prosmushkin

In a breaking and developing story, we are learning that former Philadelphia homicide detective Philip Nordo, 52, is being accused of serious sexual misconduct. According to prosecutors, Nordo has had a pattern of misconduct spanning nearly a decade. It has been revealed in a grand jury presentment that he allegedly groomed and sexually assaulted male […]

Mar 09, 2019
Greg Prosmushkin

Being accused of any sex crime can be difficult, frustrating, and hard to process. In many cases, the mere allegation can ruin family relationships, alienate friends, and even cause you to get fired. Many times, you won’t have anywhere to turn, because even the people who would otherwise support you will turn their backs on […]

Dec 28, 2018
Greg Prosmushkin

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